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Cybertech PremiumSoft Navicat from Arcler now featuring

  • Easy Data Transfer & Data Migration
  • Diversified Data Manipulation Tools
  • Easy, Visual SQL Editing
  • Intelligent Database Designer
  • One-click Backup/Restore Utilities
  • Easy Collaboration Tools
  • Advanced Secure Connections for Diverse Protocols
  • Cross-Platform Licensing (Win,Mac or Linux)
Screenshot of E-R Diagram Modeling in Navicat

CyberTech PremiumSoft's All New Navicat from Arcler

Navicat is a powerful and sophisticated yet easy to use tool for database design, development, administration and management in an all-in-one package.

Design, Develop, Administer, Manage

All of your Databases
Controlled from One Application

Navicat is a fast, reliable, and comprehensive database build and administration tool purpose-built for simplifying database development and management as well as reducing administrative costs. Navicat’s intuitive GUI gives you an easier way to design, manage, and manipulate data in MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

With its support for multiple server connections to both local and remote databases in an Explorer-like graphical user interface, Navicat meets the needs of a variety of audiences, from database administrators and programmers to various businesses/companies that serve clients and share information with different parties.

Navicat version 12 comes with numerous improvements and features to address your database development needs. With over 100 enhancements and a brand new interface — Navicat gives you new ways to build, manage, and maintain your databases.

You can get or renew Navicat licenses at incredible prices when you buy it from Arcler.

What's new in Navicat v12? Here are the Highlighted Features

Improved User Interface

Simplicity. Beautifully designed for maximum efficiency.

Navicat 12 introduces a number of UI improvements over its predecessors. With a streamlined working environment and improved button layout, the new user interface focuses on delivering information essential to your work. So you can accomplish complex tasks faster than ever before.

The All-New Engine

A breakthrough engine that makes everything amazingly smooth.

In Navicat 12, we focus strongly on improving responsiveness, usability, and performance. We engineered an entirely new mechanism and applied multithreading, so you can run certain tasks in parallel to increase the overall efficiency of your database development.

On Startup and Touch Bar Support

With the new On Startup feature and Touch Bar support, organizing your work and browsing your database objects couldn’t get any easier.

We have focused on providing expert UX design in Navicat 12 to improve the usability and accessibility. Use a shortcut to create new query, add your favorite tabs to On Startup and have them open automatically when Navicat launches, and use MacBook Pro Touch Bar to easily access Navicat features and controls.

Code Snippets

Code fast with SQL hints.

Navicat 12 contains a collection of predefined snippets, or you can create your own custom snippets that you commonly-used. Drag a snippet into the SQL Editor and quickly reduce the amount of time spent on writing repetitive code and decreases the potential for errors. You can also add placeholders in a snippet, or make changes to the specific parts of a snippet by tabbing between the placeholders while modifying the snippets in your SQL.

Better Code Completion

A typo-free environment is easier to accomplish with advanced code completion.

We have fully rewritten our code completion feature to support additional keywords and suggestions, and made huge improvements to the efficiency and accuracy of autocomplete. Code snippets have been added to the code completion feature, so you can quickly write common code syntax from a shortcut by getting snippet suggestions.


Optimize your database activities with flexible database automation and scheduling.

A new approach for schedule planning is released in Navicat 12. The new Automation utility comes with an incredibly easy-to-use and an even more intuitive interface for finding desired profiles and creating automated batch jobs.

Structure Synchronization

Compare objects before syncing your databases.

Navicat 12 introduces a new mechanism for Structure Synchronization. It provides an easier and more intuitive way to visually compare and identify the differences between two databases. And it shows side-by-side DDL comparison that makes it easy to locate all the object differences. Choose and reorder your synchronization scripts to update the destination database.

Data Synchronization

The fast and reliable way to check and deploy your database changes for creating flawless deployment scripts.

We are bringing a new experience along with a number of new functions to Data Synchronization. The comparison results are now listed and colored for particular status to help you easily distinguish the differences between records: different, only in source, only in target, and identical. Reorder your deployment scripts and update the target to match the source for some or all of the records.


Effortless deployment. On-premises or in the cloud.

With Navicat 12, you can manage both on-premises and cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Redshift, SQL Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud. Connecting to a cloud database is simple, you can establish a connection using the pertinent information that your cloud database provides. It’s time to get your head in the clouds and enjoy Navicat.

  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift

Cross-Platform Licensing

One license, multiple platforms.

Cross-platform licensing is now available in Navicat 12. Whether you’re operating on Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can purchase once and select a platform to activate and later on transfer your license.